Out With The New is committed to protecting your privacy. You will be asked for information that is relevant to your transaction or to satisfy legislative requirements.
Out With The New is required to record your name, address and ABN (if applicable) in order to comply with GST legislation relating to Tax Invoices and Adjustment Notes.
This information may be accessed by authorised personnel of Out With The New for fraud investigations and fraud protection activities.
Information collected on invoices and returns slips will be securely stored for a reasonable period of time and may be used for the purposes of research and analysis and may be disclosed to State and Territory departments upon request as required by law.
If you wish to access your information held by Out With The New in relation to purchases or returns, please contact the Out With The New office on +61 (0)3 9304 4820.
If at any time the information collected by Out With The New is sold, handed to or paid to relieve gambling debts to any third party with an interest in spamming you, we hereby grant you the right to tie us down and force us to watch endless reels of Today Tonight. There, it's in writing, there's no way we're going to do anything that foolish now.